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Monday, March 10, 2008

Congratulations To Penn State Abington's Men's Basketball Team...Way To Finish The Season As Champions, Fellas.


How's the old pushing the clock ahead an hour thing goin for ya? It means I'm really waking up at 6:30 in the morning, which I haven't intentionally done in like 5 years. To day we bring you Stephanie. This 25 year old hottie hails from Limerick, PA and is damn smart. She's on her way to completing her second degree....and she also rides horses. That has nothing to do with her being smart, but it's a fact I thought should be shared. Who's the naked lady who rode up to Jesus on a horse or somethin? Yeah, that kinda came to mind but I don;t know the story, or really care for it. I just thought And that was the only non-beastiality thought that came to my head. SORRY! Anyway, Steph already has a degree in early childhood education, and is a year away from receiving a degree as a surgical technician. That means she goes after what she wants, and isn't afraid of a little hard work. Which is good, cause I'm allergic to hard work (I help run a website for shits sake), so I'll need someone to support me athletically. I'll let Stephanie tell it..I'm no good to anyone today. In my defense, you start your day off with beastiality, and tell me how good you feel about yourself. Stephanie, do the honors please?

Have a beautiful daughter Sierra. I own a horse and have been competing in equestrian competitions since I was 4. I do part time modeling. I love all types of music and scary movies. In about a yr. I will have my 2nd degree as a surgical tech, along with early childhood education.

Tip of the Day
Q: What is your absolute best piece of dating advice for guys??
A: The little things mean the most. Go out of your way for surprises. And hear what a girl says when she talks, dont just listen. The best feeling in the whole world is when a guy remembers something you said 6 months ago...