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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So I Met This Hottie The Other Day,I Got Her Number Called Her Up, Said How Yooooou Doin?


Wednesdays suck...rain suck. In fact, the only good thing about today is the lovely Ashlee. She's 20 years old, lives in Jersey, but works at the Roxxy in Philly every weekend. Ahhh, 20 years old...old enough to decide who runs our country, but not old enough to drink a beer, or buy porn in some states (although if this was Alabama she could legally marry her brother, but that's on some next level weird shit.) Ashlee is currently finishing up school to be a surgical technician. If I went into surgery knowing I might not come out of it alive, I wouldn't mind this being the last face (or butt) I see. Ashlee's also a Gemini (like me!) so you know she's Cuh-razy at times. I know I certainly have the double personality. I can't get over the petite little package on this girl...I seriously love it. Just tiny and hot and all the good things that come along with that. If I were to create a hottie, I'd start with Ashlee as the template...and work my way from there. Wouldn't be much work to do, and since I'm lazy, that would make my job easy. Seriously...just imagine coming home from a hard days work of mopping up schoolchildren mess's all day, and you open the door and find Ashlee in the red outfit with a bowl of hot wings and the Final Four on in Hi-Def. I'm not real religious and shit, but I think that may be what heaven's like.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your absolute best piece of dating advice for a single guy?

A: Best dating advice for a shy guy is to just be yourself dont act all fake to try and impress a girl, not all nice guys finish last but then again dont be a little girl about it and get whipped and let the girl have all the control, girls LOVE a challenge!