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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ms. Heather Just don't know....DAMMMMMNNN


This hottie comes to us from Media, PA. She is the blonde bombshell with the blue eyes to follow. You can't get much better really you can't. She works at Kildares (I'm assuming the one in Media) and have favorite sport is obviously football, since she watches it while she works. Sign me up for a table at Kildares anytime Heather is going to be working. I'll be sure to piss away all my money away on bad betting and being a sucker for massive amounts of drinks from the hot bartender. I guess it's better than paying 80,000 for hookers, who would do such a thing...hmmmmmm. Make sure you go visit may have a chance like me...well nope.

She is also very confident and outgoing and loves to meet new people and have a good time. Her son is the most important part of her world and her friends and family mean just as much. So, stop drooling over yourself and take a listen to her concise yet sound advice, suckas.

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your absolute best piece of dating advice for guys??

A: Best advice is be yourself, and if at any point someone makes you feel it's not good enough, walk away. Because they are the ones who aren't <3


Anonymous said...

I bartend at Kildare's in Media Tuesday and Thursdays nights. Kildare's on 2nd and Lombard right off South street on Saturday nights <3