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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mack Money, You Know It, Take It Out Your Pocket, Then Show It And Throw It


When I think Las Vegas, I think the Maloof Brothers, Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and I think Vanessa Marcil, her character is Sam Marquez on television's Las Vegas. Mmmmm Vanessa. Today we've got a real life Vanessa Marcil. Mackenzie recently fled the bright lights of Vegas and headed right here to Philadelphia. In Vegas, she was a hustle and bustle go-getter, on the move and on the scene. And we are more than happy to scoop this beauty up in our arms and welcome her, and her brand new company, The Doll Factory, to Philadelphia. Mackenzie runs a full service modeling, talent and promotional staffing agency. Many of Mackenzie's beauties have been seen on our site including Melissa, Gina, JL Doll, and LUCY!!. Mackenzie has done it all. But I'm going to let Mackenzie explain herself to you a little, I can't fully describe this hottie.

Hey Philly,

My name is Mackenzie and I am 30 years old...yes...I said it...I am 30 and proud. I am married and am the mother of 3 yr old TWINS!!! I moved here last March to open my own modeling agency/promotional company called The Doll Factory LLC (attached is my bio). I moved all the way from Las Vegas...yes I really left Vegas but I still am the Director of Operations for Promotions and Events Management and hope to soon own that company too.
I attended UNLV for 2 years while managing a bank and singing/dancing in a show on the strip. I love to sing and dance and over all entertain people...their is just something about making people smile while doing what you love to do.

Singing, Dancing, childbirth, and business meetings. My mental vagina hurts just thinking about it. the hell do you bounce back like this? And to top it off with all the business endeavours and her own company in Philly, she still has time to hold down a job in Vegas??? What? She lives the life most people dream of, only I don't wanna give birth. Where do these women hang out? How do I find a Mackenzie of my own? I'm awestruck not only by her beauty but her talent. She should be holding seminars on how to be a hot, successful businesswoman. In fact, we should offer that! Mack Money's Guide To Being A Hot Business Woman. Ladies sign up today! I'm really excited to have Mackenzie on today...look how many pictures I used! Now read her advice...and hopefully you can find your own business woman and never have to work again!

Tip of the Day
Q: Mackenzie, what are the main traits you were looking for when you found your lucky husband?

A: So the top 3 characteristics I look for in a guy...when I was searching for my hubby:

1-Honesty- Their i nothing wrong with being up front with your lady. You may not like what she has to say in return but at least you were up front and honest. My husband has hurt my feelings with some of his brutal honesty but in the end at least he was honest and I didn't leave the house wearing something that made me look bad...or I didn't serve that dish that tasted terrible.
But don't forget that their is honesty that won't get your lady hurt or mad...If your lady looks great tell her she looks great Or if you see a beautiful women at a club or a bar approach her in a nice way to tell her she looks nice don't be disgusting.

2-You have to make me laugh- Don't just tell that joke you read in quick whited...poke fun at yourself and stupid things you did during the day. Most times if you open up to her she will open up to you. It makes the getting to know you process a lot easier!!!

3- Goals- You have to have career goals in life. It doesn't matter what type of job you have is the type of job you strive to get that makes you goal oriented. My husband has a great job and makes great money. They other day we were out and he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear I want to make...then he listed an obscene amount of money,,,,by next year. I don't care if he ever sees that dollar amount it is the fact that he has a goal in mind. And him having huge goals makes me have a huge goal. I never would have moved to a city I didn't know anyone and start my own company...and I am doing pretty good if I say so myself.