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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Hi there. I met this girl which originally turned out to be a business meeting. She had posted an ad looking for help in her business. When I first met her during the dinner meeting, I had no idea what she looked like. When I finally met her for the meeting, I thought she was gorgeous and asked her out a few days later. She agreed. We had scheduled our first dinner date at the same place where we had our initial business meeting, but then she had to cancel due to a business meeting (which I was able to verify and confirm). She said she would have to reschedule but everytime I asked her when she's free, she didn't text me back a response or said she has to check her schedule. That's when I figured she was just trying to back out. But what's confusing to me is that she always texts and calls me every day, asking how my day's going. And everything seems all fine and dandy. We only were seeing each other for about 2 weeks until I decided to end it. I either thought she changed her mind in dating me, or if she was sincere, she was just too much drama for me. I once dated a girl with the same situation and it kept confusing me all the time. When I told her not to call me anymore she freaked out and was very upset and angry. She was a bit but more upset and confused as to why I wanted out. Soon afterwards, she changed her # within less than a day after. My question is given the circumstances, what message was this girl trying to give me? Was she really interested in me? I kept asking her if we're still together at the time and she said of course. Or would you say she's a bit of a nut and I made the right choice in leaving her now before it progressed? I've already moved on to dating someone else a few days after I broke it off with her.

Dazed and Confused

Dear Dazed and Confused,

Some people move at a glacial pace, some people rush right in and get their feet wet. Not everyone moves at the same pace. What was the rush? I honestly feel that after two weeks, if you have to ask her if you were together, then it probably would have been a dramatic road to a relationship. That doesn't mean she's crazy or you're crazy. It just means that you both were running on a different frequency. I would have taken my time and let things unfold more organically. Some people get whacky when they feel like they are being pushed. May I suggest that you take your time with dating the new girl. Stop reading so much into things. It takes a good three months to get to know someone. That's my land mark for dating. It's going to be whatever it's going to be the first month. By that point, you will know if that person is truly wants to spend time with you or if it's going to be casual. Then if you get to three months, it's enough time to get to know them, evaluate your feelings and get a good sense of where things are going. Stop thinking ahead or analyzing everything so soon in the game. Thanks for writing. Best of luck!

Atomic Bombshell

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