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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ushering In A New Era: Glamour Bitch Hot


All Professional Photo By Glamour Bitch

Some people are just pretty. A lot of times you head out to the city, and all the girls look like plastic Barbie Dolls, with breasts bigger than my head, and lips that are so pumped full of shit that they look like ducks. Occassionally, you find a hottie who looks just as good naturally as she does made up. It's a new style of hottie comin to Philly, and I'm callin this style Glamour Bitch Hot. If you've had a photoshoot done by the infamous Glamour Bitch, you know you're downright beautiful. Alexis, here, has had 3 separate photos shoot with her. Alexis is Glamour Bitch ot. It's a natural beauty, like i said. I like Alexis for the sole reason that, not only is she beautiful, but she embodies everything a Philly Hottie should be. She's intelligent, a hardworker, beautiful, responsible, and most importantly slighty crazy when drunk. Just Kidding!!! But this girl knows how to have a good time. Let's hear it straight from this beauty herself...

I am a 2005 graduate of LaSalle University and I currently work for a real estate attorney in Marlton, NJ as a paralegal. I love going out with my best girlfriends to philly and dancing like the night will never end! You can always find me at places like G Lounge, Pearl and Vango where the scene is just my style. I am the most comforable in a dress and stilettos, and you will rarely find me sweatpants and sneakers. I'm a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan and will pay any amount of money to be at a game in the first row, banging on the glass!

College Grad. ParaLegal....Flyers fan? What...when I think Flyers fan, i think Nascar and Budweiser...not stilettos and LaSalle. If the Flyers have fans like this, why don;t they advertise it??? Put her on billboards with "BANGIN" ON THE GLASS!" plastered across the top. It would be awesome. Not only is Alexis a true Philly Hottie, butthe brains add to the mystique. Smart, sexy and confident....what more could a guy want.

Tip of the Day

Q: What are the main charateristics you look for in a guy?
A: The top three characteristics I look for in a guy are a sense of humor, a great smile and confidence, without being cocky. If a guy can make me laugh, I will love them forever. Whether it is stupid humor or extremely sarcastic, it makes a guy super sexy when you can put a smile on a girl's face. You are guaranteed a good time with a guy who can make light of any situation! Guys, listen up...having a great smile includes taking care of your teeth! Nothing is worse than a gorgeous guy approaching you and when he opens his mouth all you see is terrible teeth! But, if you have the right smile that makes your face light up when you see your girl walk in a room, it can make anyone's heart melt! And being confident without being cocky is a huge turn on. Any guy who can present himself in a way where everyone knows how great he is without him telling you every second is a keeper. We don't need a guy who takes longer than us to get ready, checks themselves out in every mirror they see, brags about the money they make or talks about how girls fall all over him. Just be yourself and let us find out for ourselves how great you really are!