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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She Got Me Thinking Of A Master Plan, Nah I'm Lyin. Hottie On My Mind

Heather Elizabeth

Good morning, homos...oh, homeys. Typo. Please call GLAAD and inform them of my typing error. I'm gonna be boxer brief today because sometimes words aren't really needed. Today we are bringing you an absolute cutie. Heather Elizabeth (double the name, double the hotness) is here to whisk away all your woes. This cutie comes to us from Delaware (Dela-where?), but she is a Philly girl at heart. She used to work (and still might) at club 27, one of Philly's premier hotspots, and you can find her gallivanting all over the tri-state are tryin to get the paper, Holmes. Sorry, I fell asleep with MTV Jams on so I've got that slang on my brain. Heather Elizabeth kinda reminds of a young Sarah Michelle Gellar, except she's got a much better body. In fact, her ass is incredible. She got a Donk. Let's hear what this cutie pie has to say about herself.
My name is Heather elizabeth
im 20 years old (4..14..88)
im a full time nanny in delaware
I graduated night school(hight school diploma) and savin up to start college next fall to become either a pediatrician or children counsler
I love to spend time w ma family and friends go to the beach and swim in the ocean =)&& im addicted to watchin MTV!

She's addicted to MTV too! We could watch MTV Jams, and release our inner Lil Weezy F Baby (please say the Baby). If she becomes a pediatrician, does that mean that she'll have a nurses outfit? Naughty Nurse? She's got a high school diploma, and she has dreams of moving forward in her life. That's what we like to see. Someone who's never exactly settled in...always moving forward to improve themselves. It sounds like Heather had a rough patch, but everyone makes mistake and hopefully we are able to get up, brush ourselves off, and move forward. So listen to this hotties advice, and you too may be able to score yourself a Club 27 girl with ass for days.
Tip of the Day
Q: What should a guy do to impress the lovely Heather Elizabeth?
A: For a guy to impress me he must
1. must show respect, and not come up to me say 'hey mami what good' be a gentleman.
2.Please dont act hardcore, we like bad boys but if another guy looks at me dont try to jump down anyone throat
3. i know this sounds superficial, but please try to keep your teeth nice, i cant stand black teeth =( i know for a fact there are clinic that can do your teeth mad cheap.
what i like in guy,im a sucker for the perfect smile and the gorgeous eyes!