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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Top Ten Posts

In no particular order, we're bringing you our top 10 posts in our first half year existence. They've made us laugh, made us cry, some of you now have restraining orders....all thanks to these women. When we started this site, we didn't know where it would lead, or what would ever come of it. Now in half a year, we've got 700 people a day checking out our website! Awesome...all thanks to our readers and our lovely hotties.

Jenny Rae and Genevieve

These two are like a package deal. They're best friends in real life, and we chose them cause they're hot AND because they genuinely enjoyed us picking them as hottie of the day...It was our first week and this whole crew of girls, led by Jenny Rae really helped us get started. They've dubbed themselves, our Official Miss Monday and Miss Wednesday. I've got no complaints with that.

Our First Hate Mail

I'm so proud of this moment. I was literally so pissed off that this wench of a person could even screw up her facts, and blame us....and then even shit about our hotties. Un-huh sister. You can say what you want about our site and your personal views on religion and how I'm going to hell, but DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT OUR LADIES! Here's what happens when you do


Sabrina made this list for the sheer fact that she's awesome. Seriously...she breakdances for fun. And she's sick at it. One of the few hotties I actually had the chance to meet, I can honestly say that Sabrina is smokin hot and just generally makes any situation fun. Plus she's gonna teach me to cryp walk...which I believe is a much needed skill in today's world of clubbing and barhopping. Needless to say, this one's a personal favorite!


This is Lauren's after picture. This hottie was the first girl that someone contacted us about. She went on her first ever photoshoot, and kicked ass. I got to sit in on a little of it, and I think the photographer hated me. Wild shit! Check out the difference here. She's fun, slightly crazy and definitely hot! It's the lip curl I think!

The Mutant Thumb

Oh holy shit...When Atomic Bombshell e-mailed this to me, I was crying from laughter in my office. Literally tears of joy and disgust rolling down my face all at once. I definitely had to throw a Bombshell post on this list. She's helped carry this team. Plus she's the bombshell. Enough said. This column has been fun and entertaining, and gives us some much needed weekend content.

Gina Lynn

Our first celebrity hottie of the day! Adult film star Gina Lynn. She's got her own damn monster truck....and she a professional in the sack. Is there much more you look for in a woman?

Our First Douchebag of the Week

Awww what fonds memories! Stop the Douchebaggery! These guys NEED to be stopped asap. They make my job harder, cause I'm legit, not some two faced pervert looking to get some myspace action.....I've only got one face. Seriously, I can't even post this guys picture because I think we blew him up enough! Ironically, this was brought to us by the lovely Bombshell!

Kourtney Lee

A newer post on our site. I just can't get over this hot. Just look.

Atomic Bombshell's Original Post

Like I said. This site wouldn't kick ass like it does without the Bombshell. Plus I just REAAAALLY like putting her pictures up. They don't even do her justice!

So with all this said, please be sure to stay tuned in the upcoming year. We've already got a few big things planned. We're going to be bringing you more hotties, more dating advice and more partying!! What more could you want? You know, besides that cure for your herpes?