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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Tommy Lee is famous for so many things. Motley Crue, being married to 2 of the most beautiful women, Ahem, an infamous video (you know you saw it, too!)
BUT this week on Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice, Tommy Lee took some time out for me to do some dating Q & A! The man has got so much going on these days! For those of you who don't know, Tommy Lee has become famous in the club scene as a DJ!! Tommy has been producing and mixing his own beats and touring the country with DJ AERO!! To find out if Tommy is coming to a hot-spot near you, Check his links ( ) for dates! Not to mention, you can actually hear his new music on his myspace page. CHECK IT!!!
(PS) my favorite song is CHICKEN!!! It's killer!!

Atomic Bombshell: What's your best approach to get a woman to go out with you?
Tommy Lee: hahaha!..It's usually the other way around. But if im trying to get a girl to go out with me the cave man approach always works!! Pour a buncha panty remover (alchohol) down her neck hit her with yer club and drag her by the hair back to your cave!

AB: What's your opinion about a girl that has sex on the first date?
TL: I fuckin Love her!...hahaha Just kidding! Sometimes that can be fun though when 2 people feel that way for each other, it just happens! But in general I think that you should get to know the person your about to share a very personal, deep experience with first...
AB: Awww, that's sweet!

AB: Texting vs. calling? Which guy are you?
TL: Texting.....It's so impersonal but I'm really not a phone guy at all!!

AB: Ever break up with a girl by text or email?

TL: hahaha! naw!...that's shady!!!

AB: What was your worst date ever?
TL: The only bad date I ever had was not having one!

AB: Thank you SOOOOO much, Tommy!!!


Necole Bitchie said...

Tommy Lee is crazy is all get out. I like him though!

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