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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When Kelli Ann Is In The House....OHMIGOD, OHMIGOD

Kelli Ann

Yes! A little Tribe for your stankin ass this morning. This post is gonna be quick today...somebody forgot they had court. It's just for a parking ticket, no DNA testing. I save that part of my life for Maury, not my website. Is this man your Daddy? "Please, God, No" replies the child. Anyway, here's Kelli-Ann. She actually works at the place I get my hair did, and I had no idea. That's why I can't find radar's on the fritz. Anyway, she;s smokin hot, and will now probably be cutting my hair, since my girl is moving....booooooo. Kelli Ann tell em why you're hotter cause you have two names...

here are a couple of things that make me uinque: i am a barber, i work at american male in cherry hill cutting mens hair.i also love to fish! pike and bass are my favorite to catch.i was the pg. 6 girl in the trentonian this summer.i am extremely outgoing and i laugh at everything, family guy has to be my favorite show.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your ideal first date?

A: My ideal first date would be if a cute guy picked me up in his nice, CLEAN car, braught me a flower, and opened up all my doors for me that night. I LOVE italian, so if he took me to an italian restaurant that would be nice. Then maby out for coffee, or somwhere quiet where we could talk. I hate when guys take you to the movies for a first date, its awkward and you don't get to know eachother. Then a nice kiss on the cheek. Keep it Classy!