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Friday, January 11, 2008

In West Philadelphia Born and Raised..On The Playground Is Where This Hottie Spent Most Of Her Days


24, brunette, and smoking hot. Triple threat! Kind of...she could be like 19 and I'd still say the same thing. But I really like today's hottie. There's just no effort involved to her beauty. It's that Sandra Bullock quality. She's not overwhelmingly stunning, but there's this underlying sexiness and honest to god beauty that's subtle, but impossible to miss. Let me introduce you to a little thing I call the "Keeper Rule". If you have a hottie that you can take out at night, and she looks stunning. Then wake up next to in the morning and she looks EXACTLY the same....she's a keeper. Tree seems awesome too. She doesn't hate women like a lot of other hotties, and can get along with anybody. Just don't get on her bad side, cause she will eff you up. She claims her favorite thing to do is .......wait for Yes, this tiny little girl LOVES to eat. So every Sunday, fire up the big screen and order the wings. This chickie is down to hang out. She also loves sappy movies and horror movies, and aspires to be in a horror movie one day. She's gotta have the scream know, that light bulb shattering, scarier than the actual moment scream. Plus, check this out...she's the youngest of 8 kids. That's a busy household. Does that mean that six kids have the middle child complex? I also bet that's how they named her Tree. They ran out of other names. They were on repeats. Just kidding. I can't rip on a hottie like this....this is it. This is the ultimate bring home to the family and impress everyone girl. Dads like "sweeeeeet, I dun did good." (We're very Redneck/country in my household) Mom's like "She's sooo cute", and your brother's like, "As brothers we share everything, right?" Wrong, Scooter. Anyway, I'm rambling. I can't do this hottie justice by rambling. Read on, playa. Read on.

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your ideal first date?

A: OH and I think the perfect first date would be dinner (you know since I love to eat) and then something fun where you can laugh and have a good time maybe like dave and busters or a carnival or something like that.


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie!!