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Monday, January 28, 2008

In The Time Of Chimpanzees, She Was A Hottie


Goooood Morning, Philadelphia!!! Sorry, that's about as chipper as I get in the morning. Now onto my reasons why you should kill yourself....jk. We've brought you Mere today, 22 year old hottie from the 'Yunk I believe. We actually had Mere's boss on Friday as our hottie. Now imagine walking into that place and sitting down for an interview. This girl is gorgeous in an unsuspecting kind of know what I mean? It's like when your playing basketball and your cutting across the lane, then BAM...someone punches you in the nuts...and your like "Oh, wait, I just got hit..I think ...oh yeah...ohhh god, my nuts" Her beauty sneaks up on you like takes a minute to digest and grasp the full picture. It's not intimidating, she seems approachable, yet still really hot. Mere told us, "I'm a Leo, and even though I'm a good girl, I have a bit of a bad girl lion in me (I have a tattoo of the Leo symbol on my tummy). And I wear lots of peridot everyday (my birthstone). " I'm interested to see what it looks like when a good girls gone bad.... Mere also brings us an interesting tip today. We're exploring the whole Valentines Day theme. So that those of you with actual sex lives can continue having them, and those of us whose sex lives are sputtering like an '82 K car can continue down our path of loneliness.

Tip of the Day

Q: What would be a great Valentines Day gift?

A: I think one of the most special things a guy (or anyone really) can do is adopt an animal. My boss took in a stray dog she found on Kelly Drive and saving his life was a big inspiration for me. So I think the best gift would be to open my door and walk into my apt finding a little dog/cat that my guy adopted from the local animal shelter.