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Friday, January 4, 2008

Let's Rock, You Don't Stop, Rock The Riddle That Will Make Your Hottie Rock


That be that WHOOOT WHOOOT! Here's the lovely Erica. A newer flavor for the LHP Crew. (That like our B-Boy crew name...cause I can) Erica is a Jersey girl....awwwwww....but can often be found in Philly ...yaaaay...workin as a promotional model. She's also a hairstylist, so if you need to get your hair did, hit her up! She's fun loving and loves to dance. I wonder if "Hottie can drop it to the flo'" or if she's more into ballet or classical jazz dance. The best line she gave us, " if you cant make me laugh your not worth talkin too." So bring your "A" funny Game, which is still probably like a normal person's "B" game, but be confident, loser. Confidence will take you a mile, freakshow. Don't listen when people call you nerd, nerd. ok..I think you got the point. I'm a big fan of variety. Erica has a beautiful smile and the body's like an hourglass. I was looking for better pictures of her butt, but they all involved third parties. Her girls I mean. That's why I called you freakshow. You immediately went THERE. Anyway...listen and learn, my old friend. The advice is there, it's up to you to utilize it, felllllllllla.

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it may be the hardest part of a date, how should a guy approach your FOR a date?

A: A guy should approach me for a date by showing that hes interested in me and not just my looks.. try coming up 2 me and saying "hi how u doin, i would love to take u out sometime.." and depending on how confident and smooth u were ill say yes :)