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Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's Another Hottie with a Fake ID, Or "Here's Michelle, 29 Year Old Hawaiian Organ Donor"


Happy Friday, Snitches!! Wheeew Boy. Look at this treat we've got in store for you today. after the plethora of models we had all week, we've brought you the girl next door....a really hot girl next door. I love models and all but sometimes we need a little change. I can't eat cheesesteaks for every meal, right? I've certainly given it the ol' college try though. Michelle's got some style and class. She come to us from "The Yunk" Manayunk, which in Indian means, "The place where we drink." Yezzir, there's some random knowledge for your ass. Use it at the bar on a hottie! She's a humanitarian Hottie as you'll find out...nothing like a woman who's a go-getter! Michelle's smokin hot, and looks like she also has a little sass underneath that beautiful exterior. So I'm not even gonna mess with her...Michelle, break em off a lil something proper like....

Hey, My name is Michelle and I love to have a good time everywhere I go!! Im a free lance Make up Artist and also Manage a retail store on Walnut st down town. I Love To Laugh with my friend and family!!! I'm quick witted and full of energy!! I Love animals Esp DOGS!!! I think what makes me unique is...I have a huge heart and compassion for people and animals. Just recently I rescued a stray Bull Dog on walking on Kelly Dr. he was hit by a car and severely injured. I took him in a nursed him to health!!! Feels good to help someone or something in need!!

Tip of the Day

Q: If you wanted a sexy/romantic gift from a guy...what would it be?

A: A sexy romantic gift huh??? Well a surprise get away to a bed and breakfast sounds good. maybe the Finger Lakes??NY?? Near a winery sampling wine and cheese alone with each other sounds like a real good time to me!!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT UP GIRL?? your one hot ya!!