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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hickory Dickory Dock, This Hottie Was.....

Christine Patton

We've got a new breed here on Local Hotties today. Something we;ve never had before....the stand up comedian! Seriously...a hottie with looks AND a sense of humor, and she's about to hit it big, so you can probably live off her while you get your Madden Championship career going. Another Jersey girl, with the Jerz girl personality, but I'll give this one a pass....cause any comment I make will come back two-fold. Never mess with a witty woman. Christine, tell 'em what your up to...

My name is Christine Patton "aka" the Jersey Girl Comic. I produce and host comedy shows. I write a humor section for Phlare Magazine. Philadelphia's young working women, and a personality and contributor for CBS Radio 1210 the Big Talker with DR. Mazz. Currently I pitching a TV Show.

She's hitting all types of media. How cool is that, though? I've never been to a comedy show, so I might have to track her down and find out where these shows are.....somethin tells me that would be a good spot for a first date. Now I just have to club a woman and drag her to the show
caveman style.

Tip of the Day

Q: If you wanted a perfect gift for Valentine's day...what would it be?

A: Buy me a massage/beauty treatment at a spa.Cook me dinner and have a nice bottle of red wine with lots of candles with a great comedy DVD, something decedent for dessert and buy me someting sexy to slip on later. Yes, I know I'm asking a lot and maybe only a gay man would be able to pull this off, but this would be heaven. And don't forget lots and lots of kissing.


Anonymous said...

Is there an age limit here kill her and then kill yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Jersey Girl,

There are still some men down here in Texas that know how to treat you like you want; and they are NOT gay!

If you gave me half a chance, I would not only buy you a massage/beauty treatment (you don't need a beauty treatment... you're awesomely beautiful already!) but I would make sure to fix you the best dinner you've ever had, along with all the wine you want.

Candles? Oh, have I got candles! Candles of every sort and size! Aromatic candles, you name it. I'll even turn on the Teddy Pendergrass or Luther Van Dros (if you like that kind of music).

Want something decadent for dessert? How about chocolate pudding with candy sprinkles spread all over you and I lick it all off? I'll lick it all off of you faster than a rat can eat a Cheeto and have you begging for more! More! More! MORE! I'll have you screaming, "Take me! TAKE ME ALL THE WAY!"

No, you're not asking a lot. Any "straight" man in his right mind would fly you down here in a heart-beat and have that sexy negligee waiting for you at the airport gate.

Gays don't know how to treat you like you want to be treated. But a "straight" man, and a hard man, would be your ultimate reward!

Lots of kissing... you just tell me where it hurts, and call me "Papa" and I'll kiss you in places you never knew you had! :D