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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


YES! Our First Hate Mail...I couldn't be prouder

To: US
From: (Email witheld since I've already put this idiot in her place.)

I saw like not even a minute of the youtube video...and you're discusting pigs ok. You don't appericate a women for what she really has to offer and you're letting them objectify themselves. Women do that because they want to get a rise outta men, but it's because we know men want that. So it's messed up and you are kool with it which makes me not kool with you. You ask us "hot" girls to give you tips and what lines are good to use on us. Don't degrade us....that's not a turn on, and if it is then the girl has self esteeme issues and you're taking advantage of her insecurities. I have no repsect for guys that treat or see women that way. So no I will not add you.

Dear Emotional Midget,
OK....first of all..If we have a youtube video, I wanna see it. It SOUNDS spankworthy, and I lost all my porn. Second, the whole " you don't appreciate women for what they have to offer" line of bullshit...I appreciate women. In fact, if you ever met us, you'd know we're extremely polite, extremely well mannered, well spoken gentleman. Remember, This advice is to help us pick up the type of woman you're not. I'm not saying looks, but your miserable. I don't want a wife or girlfriend who's going to constantly make her goal to see how miserable she can make me. O, "the girl has self esteem" issues. This coming from rainbow brite here, who thought it would be a wise part of her day to email and insult our girls. You can say what you want about our site, but not our HOtties! These girls are go-getters. Each of them goes to college, works one, OR MORE, jobs to help pay for college. Some raise children. If you find it degrading, I'll refer you to pee-wee's playhouse or more Rainbow Brite cartoons. Obviously, this site isn't for you. So go search youtube...find me that video. I'd like to see what you think is in our name. Also, we'd like to profile you as our Not-tie of the know..a woman NOT to talk to because she's likely to bobbitt you for coming home work late after a happy hour with the boys. I hope you see the error of your ways, RainbowFoxGLitterBAAAAABY or whatever it is. Thanks for your opinion. I printed out that email and cleaned up my puppies shit with it.

PS To our lovely readers, thanks for all your support. I will be PROVING that I treat women with the utmost respect and like a gentleman. It's going to be a weekend feature on our site coming up. Keep your eyes peeled, its gonna be really incredible, or a real disaster. Anyway, it will entertain.