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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oooo She Made Us Drinks, To Drink, We Drunk ' Em


Another Hottie who hangs out with my personal favorite hottie, Jenny Rae. Genevieve is the All-American girl...But watch out fellas, she's got 4 brothers looking to kick your ass. Although she may be capable. She's in the gym everyday and plays Div 1 softball. If they televised this hotties games, rating would skyrocket. She's hotter than any of the other girls on the games I've watched. Ummm ...I watch for the love of the sport. She also bartends, models, and enjoys nothing more than hanging out in her Eagles jersey drinking a beer and watching a game. She was in student council and voted best eyes, and most athletic. Holy shit, the list just goes on...I'm polishing up that rock now. Her buddy, Jenny Rae turned me down, so I'm sticking with this one for wifey material. Not a bad back up choice. OH! And she bartends in the Big Sull, we might be taking a trip downtown soon. Ok, alot of information there so lets recap guys. Hot friends, hot bartender, athletic, gorgeous, smart, great body, and she's funny, models and loves the birds.....I like the baaaaa-artender!

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A: Hmmm.. i think a guy should no wen to make a first move when the girl gives a sign, like a smile wen she looks at you and laughs because there was that awkward silence. most girls give the 'ok' signs that let a guy no its ok.and that they are comfortable.. otherwise they arent interested.. and if a girl s willing to hold ur hand, shes def. comfortable...


DC Escorts said...

Too Bad We are not in Philly!