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Monday, July 30, 2007

Get In Shape With Local Hotties


Holy belly button jewelry, Fatman. Brunettes are back! The body on this Hottie is unbelievable. Ker is 23 and hails from Philly, yo. She keeps in such good shape by being a personal trainer at LA Fitness. Again, I go to the wrong LA Fitness, which is NOT the one she works at. Hopefully, she can kick my lanky ass into shape. Luckily, for you and me (well definitely me), she's not impressed by your cash and your material possessions. She's looking for a classy guy (shit) to treat her right, or else she'll eff you up. Look at the body. She's definitely capable. I keep going on about the body, but the eyes, the smile, she's the complete package. As an added bonus, since she is a personal trainer, you don't have to worry about...hmmm, how do I put this...her turning into a fat housewife, or you turning into a beer bellied spectacle. Pluuuus, she rides bikes and, honestly, whats hotter than a hottie on two wheels?? She's also not afraid to tell it like it is. She values her honesty/wildness as one of her better traits. So you might actually wanna put some thought into how your gonna approach this hottie. I gotta admit I'm a sucker for a little attitude, too. On that note, I'm off to the gym. I gotta work my pecs and stuff.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy avoid entering the dreaded "Friend Zone"?

A: My advice to guys who don't want to be in the friend zone: Don't come off as a over the top nice guy at first...remember that good guys finish last. You want to have some edge, it gives you a mysteriousness which us girls love.

I'm a big fan of Daisy Dukes. Shocker.