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Monday, July 23, 2007

OoHH..... Ms. Marnee Just Don't Know!!


WHOOOOOA MAN! This is a woman!!! Strong, Independant, Successful....and don't forget SMOKIN HOT. Marnee has her own cosmetics company (LASH Cosmetics), and works daily with the hottest models you can find. I've been begging Marnee to do our site for a few weeks now, and my persistence (annoyance) finally paid off. She's the hot neighbor you had down the block. You'd see her jogging or watering her plants, and you'd just stare. Maybe crash your bike into something. Marnee can, and will, put a hurting on you. Really, the hottest part about her is her business savvy. She's a go-getter. Constantly on the move, ready to make some money. She's constantly helping us out with the site, sending us girls, and recommending ideas. I love a woman who can make some money. Like I've said before...I'm lazy and lookin for a woman to take care of me. I have this image of Marnee just being an absolute Tiger in bed. It scares me in that good tingly way. I wonder how you impress a woman like this. Marnee's a high class woman, and demands to be treated like one. Ladies, call this woman for any cosmetic work you need done. She's a cosmetic magician, and can work wonders with her bare...HANDS! Bare hands. Caught myself. Marnee, thanks again.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest poet peeve(s) with men?

A: My biggest pet peeve with men has to be when men arent honest. I am brutally honest about who Iam, what I do,what I want, what my intentions are, etc... A real woman wants a guy for who they really are, not a fantasy he has created to attract her (we can see right through that) If you cant be who you really are, I'm not interested in you anyway! That infers you are insecure with yourself, and a strong, sexy "hottie" woman, not a girl, wants a self assured man who is proud of who he is, AS IS...and proud of who she is, as well.

Photographers, Models, and certainly NOT perverts, can contact Marnee at her myspace for the hottest cosmetic magician around.