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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Addicted, I'm Britney Whitney and Bobby

My names Crisandra and Im a 25 year old single mommy from NE Philly. I went to school for massage therapy and medical billing and coding. Im currently working as a secretary until I can go back to school so I can further my education, and hopefully become an ultrasound technician. I love being a mommy, it's by far the best thing in the world. My favorite thing to do is to travel and see new places. I hope I get the chance to do some of that real soon(o: Im very picky about guys, which is prolly why I'm single. The first thing is they have to be funny or atleast be able to make me laugh. It also helps if they do something interesting and different (not weird), that makes them stand out to make a good first impression(you only get one). I hate when guys are too pushy, you definately need to keep your respect, if your out on a date with a girl, that means theyre already interested so....DONT SCREW IT UP! Hey I dont need the best lookin guy but I definately do have to be attracted to him, I respect a guy who shows he cares about the way he looks n takes care of his body. You dont need to have huge muscles,but you definately should NOT have a huge beer belly. I know I take care of myself as best as possible, so when I look for a guy I expect them to take care of themselves too. Thats about it, I hope I may have passed some helpful advice on to you guys, hey the more guys that are like this,the better my chances are of not being single anymore(o;