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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She's A Bad Mutha *Shut Yo Mouth*

Dani MF'in Diamonds

Oh Damn! We've got a treat for you today fellas...Dani is 22 and was born in NE Philly. Dani loves hittin up the bars, and going wild with her girls. With the name Dani Diamonds she says she gets a lot of attention AND alot of free drinks. So basically, what you do is hang around her side...wait til she orders a drink...chug yours and say "It's so crowded in here. Can you grab me one while your up there?" Oh but wait, you didn't realize Dani was a hockey player on an all girls team. So she's caught on to your free drink scheme already, she turns around and brings out her ghetto voice. She leans back and body checks you into the wall. Now every girl in the place is laughing at you. You just got owned, and that's why they call her Dani Muthaf*ckin Diamonds. For real though, whats not to like about a hottie who'd rather spend her time at a sports bar than anywhere else.....I might try to make her body check me.
Tip of the Day
Q: Besides a bar, wheres a good place to meet a hottie like you?
A: A good place to meet someone like me besides a bar would be a sports complex. I'm a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse team and I try to see a Flyers game aleast once a month. Going to these games, everyone gets so hyped up...juices are're bound to catch a girl like me in great spirits! If our home team is winning, reach over and give me a high five (don't forget the eye contact!!)...that's a good way to break the ice. If our team is losing, tell me a funny joke about how the other team stinks...and again, if the eye contact is there, it's sure to spark up a conversation...just wait until after the game for the deep stuff ;)
Good answer, MuthaF*ckin Diamonds!