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Friday, July 6, 2007

It Ain't Your Booty, It's Your Beauty


Wow....Remember when Jenna Jameson was hot, and not all beat up lookin?? Well, this is what she looked like. Stunning looks with a body that will kick your ass. This hottie hails from NE Philly, and is a former cheerleader. She also does tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancing. I've learned this in my few short weeks running this website....the girls who take dance have ridiculous bodies, and are normally pretty damn hot. Oh, and they stay hot. While she has a body that can put a hurtin on you, I think she may be able to kick your ass too! Your likely to find her at a UFC, MMA or wrestling match....yet another thing in common with the lovely Miss Jameson. I'm not even going to do this Hottie any more shame by writing about her....just take another look...

Tip of the Day

Q: How should a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A:How to know when to make a move??? I tend to find different ways to touch the guy like if we're sitting next to each other and I put my head on your shoulder...or touch your shoulder when you make me laugh, etc.... That usually means that I'm into you and you can make a move.... If I'm totally not talking and not really paying attention to the conversation or what not then I would say no move... But if your not sure it never hurts to ask...ask if its ok to hold my hand or even ask if it is ok to give me a kiss...It may seem corny to some girls but I think it's sweet and always safe!


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