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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Fun Than A Midget In Your Pants


Apparently, there's little bar in Jamison that is a hotbed for hotties. The Doc's Inn....right on York Road. My buddy lives a minute from there and I've never been in there. But if this hottie is serving my drinks.....then, shit, I think it's time to blow my paycheck elsewhere. I must be an absolute moron for not checking this place out. It's like all hotties go there, and no one knows about it so they just go nuts. Plus, I'm guessing the other bartenders are hot too. I never thought I had a thing for blondes, and I mean just look. She's also a student during the she's driven, and since she works at a bar, that means she's seen people throwing up on themselves in a drunken dude, your cool. (just tell her the rubber sheets are because you have a leak in the ceiling) I'd write a lot more but I gotta get going. I got paid Friday and this money is burning a hole in my pocket. Only beer or a wishy wash can put out this fire. I'm going with the beer tonite.

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides a bar, where's the best place a guy can meet a hottie like you?

A: The best place to meet a hottie is the BEACH!!!! helloooo its the summer, hot bodies, barely clothed...its a given.

Hear that, fellas? Its a GIVEN. Sorta like the odds of you having a porno window up on your browser right now too. GIVEN