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Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome to The Good Life!


BOOOOOOM! We're back with a Bruce Willis, and his crackhead daughter. Anyway...check out Jen, aka Atomic Bombshell. This hottie is one of my favorites...she bartends at Mansion and help run a Promotions company...Bar-Star. Jen loves to collect 80's memorabilia, it's just a good thing she doesn't still rock the Bon Jovi teased out hair-do. She collects Vans, 80's pins, patches, clothing, name it, she's got it. I wonder if she wears her sunglasses at night. Ahhh, I'm stretching there. Anyway, seriously, this hottie's a keeper. I think I wanna marry her. Jen, Marry me? I mean we don't know eachother or anything, but I can steal a sick Saved By The Bell Tshirt from my cousin, and I've also got a Cobra Kai t-shirt from Karate Kid. (Yes, I'm that awesome!) Not only is she sexy as hell, but she's charitable, AND can drink your ass under the table. Although in my case, it's not really that hard...I'm 170 ..the alcohol goes straight to my weird shaped head. So send us some feedback on this hottie, and get your ass down to Mansion. Visit and make a donation in for our Hottie. Gilda's Club is for support group for female cancer survivors. I've been to one of their events before, and I gotta say it was actually pretty wild. OPEN BAR is the first rule of all good parties. So the next time you wanna throw a party and get wild, call Bar-Star Promotions...You can see their Myspace page at

Tip of the Day:

Q: When I get a hotties phone number, how long do I wait to call?

A: I think 24 hours is a good enough time. Not too short, not too long. And 3 days is definitey way too much. She probably won't even remember you!


JD said...

Woohoo! Way to go hot stuff!!

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