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Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to Act from Amber

My name is Amber 26 yrs old from South Phila born and raised. I'm really tired of people acting fake and not real. This is a big problem where i live. They talk and act like there somebody well, i think not.For me that's big turn off . A girl wants a guy to be his self not somebody who tries to be tough. Every guy needs to learn to be genuine. I'm tired of guys starting trouble for no reasons and not being respectful. I think a good man treats his girl like they treat there mother. Guys like that are hard to find these days. Deep down inside behind there cockiness and toughness they have a weakness there just afraid to show it. I believe every guy should act like themselves and something there not.It just shows how weak they can be by acting like that. And not being true to themselves.This is a big issue where i live. Every guy acts stupid and thinks they have to be a big tough guy when my opinion is there nobody just regular people like us. The real problem is hatred in this city. Who dresses better and who's looks better and i'm tired of it. Just be you and you will go far. Every girl i know wants a man to be real and not act fake. Guys better realize that you get nowhere acting fake and go far by acting like yourself. They will succeed if they realize how stupid it looks to a person. Just be yourself that's all.