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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They See Me Rollin, They Hatin, Patrollin They Tryin' to Catch My Local hotties

Where to start....besides the obvious. Jules comes to us from Chalfont, but we almost lost her. After she graduated college she moved to Florida, but hated it. So we got or lucky charm back. Look at this one!! The face, the body, the ... OH NO...NAUGHTY TEACHER LOOK! Sound the alarms! WOOOOOOO! This SuperNerd has been rendered helpless (What?! I don't know) Forget it, this hottie's a bartender, but she certainly knows her way around both sides of the bar. While your at the bar drooling all over yourself, Jules is sitting behind the bar collecting your stripper money. Please, like your using it on anyone else. Don't kid yourself, homey. Jules supports my theory that female bartenders can party harder than the average hottie. When her and her girls go out she tends to "get a little crazy"...I'm thinking bar dancing, lots of spilled alcohol, and plenty of couch dancing. This hotties also a big fan of movies. you can catch her at the theatre one or two times a week catching the newest releases. *TIP-Stalkers...don't go to the movies 7 days a week now to get shot down. * I mean, you can stare, but don't be creepy. She's a big fan of horror movies including Rob Zombie movies. She lists among her favorites: House of 1000 Corpses, Factory Girl, and Party Monster. Ever see Party Monster?'s strange. Macauley (Michael Jackson touches me) Culkin is a club promoter who's constantly high on E and anything else, and banging Fez who's dressed in black angel wings and it's obviously not one of my favorites. Sorry Jules. The gay overtones turned me off. Oh, and don't forget Single White Female. So this hotties definitely an original in our book. If you do get lucky and take this hottie on a date, keep the popcorn trick out of your bag of moves. It's unbecoming. Shit...the family's gonna be so disappointed again. Toilet Humor.

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how imprtnt are looks, and why? BE HONEST!

A: I give it a 4. Looks don't matter because eventually they will fade. People change constantly. If you are going to be with someone you should be with them for who they are and how they make you feel. I want someone that makes me laugh and smile and that is what is important to me, not what is on the outside.


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