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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hottie Had Thighs Like What, What, What! Dumps Like A Truck, Truck, Truck!


It's the eyes and the lips. That's what got me on this one. Lauren's a 21 year old college student from...PHILLY! Three in a Row! Lauren's not just a pretty, pretty face though. You're gonna have to work for this one, fellas. and her biggest turn on... a guy who can dance . Shit! I'd rather just sit back and watch her shake that, and save myself the embarrassment. Somehow I don't think my move of gyrating with my hands in the air, while making kissing faces is too impressive. But we'll let Lauren decide. What i liked about her is that she's a dreamer. She sets her goals high, and works hard to achieve them, then once she does she goes out and parties her little ass off. I didn't even realize that yesterday's hottie Heather, Lauren, and tomorrow's hottie all know eachother. What a small, hot world they live in. It's like the Disney ride, but with all banging hotties from Philly. I'm gonna make an adult Disney...where you'll ride around on the boat, but instead of It's a Small World, it will play the Thong Song, while this girl's crew dances. Each girl will be dressed in different fantasies. Like, you'll have the librarian, the business woman, the teacher, the barely legal co-ed. YES! Back to Lauren...her great sense of humor and silliness will be enough to keep you on your toes, and keep you laughing. She lives by the ideal that life is too short to always be so serious. NICE, cause I can't take anything seriously, except the HIV...that shit's serious. It's a flaw. And she'll always shave your back. HAVE your back. Loyalty's big for this hottie. Just don't lie to her. If you piss off the good loyal girls, you might as well run for the hills. No seriously, pal, take a hike. My question is: Do we, as men (and some of you lady-boys), really lie that much?? I mean, I stretch the truth sometimes (a lot), but never really too many lies. This is like the 5th girl in a month who told us to stop lying. Shut up, Rob! OKAY!

Tip of the Day

Q: Give us your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie!

A: As everyone would say just be yourself, make your first impression stick. Say something slick and funny. Don't be cocky and to overbearing ,always keep someone wanting more of your personality. If you just keep things true and straight forward everything should go perfectly.

Okay, slick and funny. Got it. Not really my forte. How about awkward and insensitive?? I try for slick and funny but it just doesn't work. Maybe it's the delivery.