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Monday, September 24, 2007

You Know What They Say About Mountain Hotties.....


Ahhh good Monday. No Eagles Hangover here, boy! Book your flight to Arizona now, suckers! Riiiight. Anyway, here's the lovely Kristin. A 23 year old, Bucks County born and bred beauty. I can only classify this hottie as the good girl next door. She's not trashy (not saying that any of our past hotties are!), she doesn't enjoy bars, and she's a nursing student at Drexel. Basically, you can take her home to the parents, and not have to remind her she's meeting your parents, not the owner of Risque. This hottie has been taking care of an ALS patient for the last two years, and we're gonna be keeping you posted on the fundraiser they are having to benefit kids whose parents have ALS, and can't keep up with their extra curricular activities. Also, she's a mountain girl at heart.....she love hiking and fishing. Mental Image time....daisy dukes, tied up above the bellybutton flannel shirt and heels. Ok, so you can't hike in heels, but will you let a kid dream. If you do happen to see this hottie out, you'll probably find her "pretty well lit" playing pool. I love a girl who can play pool. There's something crazy hot about the girl bent over,masterfully handling a pool stick. Kristin also claims to be a champ at poker too. She sounds too good to be true. A girl next door, who enjoys guy activities, and looks damn good doing them. And all she needs on a first respectful and tell her a few tasteful jokes. Dammit, I forget all the tasteful ones cause they suck. She can also cook and loves to read, so when she''s bored she won't run to the mall and drop 500 of your hard earned dollars at Juicy Couture.... I'm just sayin. Steph, I think this hottie gives you a run for your money. We'll have to have a cook off! YES! Kristin also enjoys horseback riding. I can only imagine the comments running through the head of some of the perverts reading this. I've never ridden a horse, because ...well , they're shit stinks. Take her advice..It's well thought out, and actually some good info. Oh and she's a devoted Eagles and Phillies fan, and loves Pat Burrell. MVP!!!!!!! (You have to know my other blog to know what I'm talkin aboot there)

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how important are looks and why?

A: Hmm... I would give that a 5... If there is a guy that makes you laugh and feel special, you're bound to hit it off. Once you really get to know a guy, his looks will begin to matter less and less... I've dated some guys that were amazing to look at, then you try to have a conversation and get more amusement from a dish cloth... Personality beats looks any day! Once you become closer, the things you might not have found too appealing become your favorite features because it's what makes that person unique. Just be clean, fresh and always smell good. And since I'm a nurse-to-be...please clean under your fingernails...I know I'm a hands, eyes and lips kinda gal and I'm sure many would agree...