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Monday, October 1, 2007


Nichole Leann

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nichole Leann! GOOO about them goddamn Phillies! We're Series bound and this girl is definitely a local hottie. You Philly girls are losing! Big time. I love this girl..pretty smile...smokin body. Like Joey in Blossom says "WHOOOOA". Not that I'm gay and like Blossom but Jenna Von Oy. Oy Vey! Thats for my jews. I'm not a jew, but I represent for em once in a while. Right jews? Oh, your a jew? Sensitive to it? I wasn't being racist....I mean, I could be, but I'm not. So shut the hell up. I'm outty. Short and sweet as I celebrate our Phils and eulogize our Eagles. McNabb sucks.....not cause he's black but because he sucks. Simple as that. Actually he doesn't suck..but good thing Winston Justice isn't a crossing guard or our murder rate would be much higher. GO PHILS!!!!!!!!
Tip of the Day

Q:what should a guy do after a good first date to not be portrayed as "clingy" or "uninterested" ?

A:Ok thats a good question...I know from my personal experience some guys do seem to clingy if they call to much; some guys seem not interested in all if they don't call at all. I hate when the guy thinks he has to wait 3 days to call a girl. That is so not true, that rule is stupid. A girl needs a little attention, to much can get annoying. At the end of the night give her a kiss and when you tell you that you are going to call her tomorrow, really call. If she doesn't answer give the chance to call you back. If she doesn't call you back then she may not be interested. If you don't get a call by the end of the night don't worry she may be busy. If she doesn't call you the next day give her another call. If you don't get an answer and no call back she is not interested. It can be very annoying if you continuous call her. If you keep calling and she doesn't answer because she is busy then you may turn her off. That has actually happened to me. Where I really was interested in someone and they kept calling me and I was busy with my family, after the 5th call I got turned off completely. If you don't call the girl at all she may think that you are not interested in her at all. So call her!!!!!!