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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's The Great Hottie, Charlie Brown

Stacey Metal

We here at Local Hotties enjoy the fact that there's more than one flavor of woman out there. And this is certainly a different flavor. We present to you...the Metal chick. Stacey is a 23 year old hottie from Philly who loves going to every metal and hard rock show in the tri-state area. She loves hanging out with her sister at Metal bars, and she's big into traveling and modeling. Oh, I mentioned her sister...they're identical. There's two beauties who look like this! But we'll try to save that for another day. This hottie can out party your bitchasses by a loooong shot. Just look at the pictures....brass knuckles, the way, there's nothin hotter than a hottie who looks natural holding a Jack bottle. And she prefers Jager. We're a drinking match made in heaven.....hell??! Oh Your God! (that's what my atheist rocker buddy tells me!!)

"The things that I believe make me unique are that I am very open with my feelings and out-going. I am very accepting and open-minded. My twin sister and I, together, could have fun anywhere we go. We could have fun at an insurance seminar!! Most people say that we never fail to light up the room when we walk in and that we are a lot of fun to be around."

So in other words, she's a beautiful, fun loving person. Life of the party who's willing to give you (jager)her heart and her friendship. But once you screw it up, (Cue Slayer music) she'll go metal on your ass. And she looks like she knows how to handle herself in a (jager fueled) bar fight. Plus as a bonus, I've been to insurance seminars...and NEVER EVER have I seen a hottie like this. It's all 45 year old men with shitty suits and penny loafers (no jager). I scour the room lookin for a fine hottie to settle up next too. Once...just once I saw a hot one. So I quit my job. Mine was mortgages though,....not insurance. Same deal, different daddy. Stacey is definitely an orignial a good way. I love bringing new flavors to the table. That's what life's all about.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats the maximum age difference you feel is appropriate when dating a Hottie?

A: I would say that the maximum age difference I would accept would be early to mid thirties.


Anonymous said...

You know to pick 'em! I like the one with Stacey holding the 5th of Jack's!