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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ohhhh Crank That, Local Hottie!

Nicky Kennedy

Ladies and Yenta-men, we have a winner! Nicky is an 18 year old psychology major (with a minor in dance at West Chester University. Nicky's developing her own website for her modeling gigs, promotional shoots, and other various hottie stuff that I know nothing about. To me having your own website means throwing up pictures of really hot girls and whining about why you can't get them. She also hosts her own radio show on, which you can catch Tuesday and Sunday nights at 11...aka your internet porn time. This hottie's 5'3.5" and 108 pounds, which combined with a dancer's workout routine creates a god damned hot body. If you don't believe me just look! In her spare time (really..she's got spare time?), she like to get all decked out and enjoy the finer points of the city with her friends. She's also a writer. I'm gonna request that she writes a poem for our website entitled "Hot? You're Not." Maybe not that exactly, but a poem about our website would make our *ahem*..hearts skips a beat. She can outdance any girl...any day. SABRINA....we've got a challenger! Yes..hottie dance off. I'll bribe a DJ and scam a bar, and we'll get liquor and wings and have a battle. Supersoak That! Thats my new mission. Oh, did I mention she's a die hard Eagles fan. I can't get over the Hugh Douglas jersey. I thought I was the only person who still rocked a Hugh Jersey. I guess I can share as long as the other party wearing said jersey is a hottie. That's legal jargon. Check out Nicky's website.......

Tip of the Day

Q: What type of body do your prefer on a guy?

A: I prefer a built but not body builder type of guy. I like a guy with a good upper body, with big arms to hold me close =] He can't be in better shape than me though !! I like a guy with cut abs but nothing overboard, one thing I hate more than anything is a guy who takes longer to get ready than I do!!


Anonymous said...

ew is she like 15? not a hottie