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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wnna Hit The After Party? Cause All The Hotties Are Comin With Me


Wow philly'm really disappointed. Not so much mad, but disappointed. Jersey steps up big AGAIN. Today's hottie was referred to us by Miss KellBell herself. You know, Kelly with the lips from last week. Another barely legal Jersey hottie. Ashley is a student.....a very hot student. I'm gonna enroll back in college because apparently that where all the hotties hang out. I don;t even care about the education, just let me stare at the girls all day. Group project please! Anywayyy, this hottie loves to hang out and chill with her friends. Loves to party, and loves to drink. She also says she has a very innocent look (I agree), but isn't as innocent as she might seem. I say...Prove It! Put your money where your mouth She also says that one thing that makes her unique is that she is happier making other people happy and taking care of them, than she is making herself happy. Niiiiice. She's gonna make a good nurse. Hell, she could come in and give me the wrong medication and I'd still be thrilled just to have a hot nurse. Suddenly the pain is bearable. Seriously, just look at this one....I'm pretty impressed with myself. And with her. Thanks Ashley!

Tip of the day

Q: What type of body type do you prefer on a guy?

A: hmmmm.. what time i body do i prefer on a guy....well i love italian guys soo i would have to say brown hair olive skin with a real tight body. i love guys that are reall build and cut but not to big they dont have a neck and i wouldnt mind a cute butt ha.


J-money said...

Try proof reading your answer sweetheart