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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Atomic Bombshell's Hollywood Interview

Ashley Hamilton

The other day, I got to ask a few questions to Comedian/Actor, Ashley Hamilton who has dated many of Hollywood's most beautiful creatures. Not only is he a very funny Comedian, he is also MAGNIFICENT to look at! (No, I'm not crushing or anything!) You can catch Ashley doing stand-up, all over Los Angeles. Please check his myspace page for upcoming dates!

AB: What's your best approach to get a woman to go out with you?
AH: Wanna fuck? Kidding, wanna have sex? Make em laugh!

AB: What's your opinion about sex on the first date?

AH: Big fan, just not anal on the 1st date! Define date!? If she's gonna have sex with you on the 1st date, she will do it with somebody else!

AB: If you want to see that person again, how long do you wait before you call?

AH: 5 seconds, Call who! I have A.D.D. What's her name again?! Whatever feels natural...

AB: Texting vs. calling? Which is better?

AH: Neither. Camping out in front of their house, that way there is no mixed messages..

AB: What was your worst date ever?
AH: 0ct 10th 2006, horrible hair day, car broke down, I was constipated since my other worst date Sep 23 2006, but that's another date! Seriously, pick a marriage! ****

-Atomic Bombshell

***Guys, so you know...this guy knows what he's talkin about. He's been married to Shannon Doherty AND Angie Everhart.....DUDE!! ANGIE EVERHART!!!! Enough Said.


Anonymous said...

why not a local non-celeb hottie? c'mon.. surely u can find one!