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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hotties Lie, Too! Old Gray Sweatpants Turn Them On


Naughty Teacher! Naughty Teacher! This hottie is a student at Temple University, and is majoring in elementary education. Again, I need to emphasize the fact that if all teachers looked like this, I'd currently be a rocket scientist and not a pervy website CEO. And guess who this hotties friends with??? Our very own Miss Monday, Jenny Rae. Oh Jenny Rae. She's currently gone brunette and looks as hot as ever, but back to Kellllll. I'm developing a theory that hotties are like wolves. They travel in packs and are very seldom found wandering the wilderness on their own. She's another diehard Eagles fan, but can't the Phils or Sixers get any love??? I understand not liking the Flyers. I mean, do they even exist anymore? This hottie says she's no good at taking pictures, but from the looks of it, I'd beg to differ. The camera loves her. Well, if it had feelings it know, like, like her MORE than a friend. Like, like her, like her. OHHH and she's a Parkette, which means she works at the Philly Casino. I don't gamble because I'm complete mush, but I'd let this hottie throw my money down and place a few bets. so get on over to the race track and tip this hottie. And by tip, i don't mean be a smartass and give her some retarded advice with a stupid smirk on your face. Grow up.

Tip of the Day

Q: How important is a guy's style?
A: I would say a guys style is extremly important! I think that you can tell a guys personality but his style, its a dead giveaway! Guys wearing baggy clothes is a No No and also whats with guys wearing girls jeans? Are you kidding me??

So guys...keep your sisters pants in your sisters closet. Don't dress like Malibu's Most Wanted, even though your THINK your 10 dollar chain looks "fly". It doesn't. You look like a dick.