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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hottie Right There's A Ten, A Ten! Hottie You A Ten


Jersey Gals are back! I guess I had to put one on this week consider after the professional ass pounding the Giants gave us. Winston Justice is walking funnier than Jenna Jameson after an 8 hour movie shoot. Christina is 22 years old and is a professional model. She has done photoshoots for Rix Entertainment which allows to her to model at car shows around philly and Jersey, and currently has a cover coming up! This hottie knows "What a Girl Wants" and is here to share it with our lazy, ADHD asses. Hopefully, she wants to "Get Dirrty", but I'm guessing again I'd have a much better shot of finding a leper who can lend me a hand. If this hottie was my "Genie In a Bottle," I'd have three wishes and I don't think any of them are mentionable here. I'm sure you'd let her "Come On Over," and give you dating advice any day. It's much easier to accept our wrong when it's told to us by a girl who looks like this. Honestly, I might create a business that sends you your bad news via Hottie. For example, a hottie knocks on your door....."Excuse me Rob, your FIRED!" My response? "Ummmm.. cool. Wanna come try out the hot tub?" And by hot tub, I mean baby pool with dozens of handwarmer packets tossed in it. The point is that it would ease the initial sting. I mean eventually I'd have to find a job, but for about 2 hours I'd be like..I'm amazed they even make outfits that small. This hottie's also modeled as a round card girl, and has done CD covers. No, my freaky co-workers...not for your 80's hair metal bands. So listen to Christina's advice, and you'll have her saying that there "Ain't No Other Man"...oh god this Christina Aguilera tie-in is FORCED! Christina is a Christmas Morning baby so she's gotta be good luck. Now what part of the hottie do I rub to get the Genie to come out?

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Tip of the Day

Q: What should a guy do after a good first date to not be portrayed as "clingy" or "uninterested"

A. After a 1st date for a guy to seem neither CLINGY or UNINTERESTED, text the girl "good night" to show he had a good time and is interested. If the girl had a good date as well, it will put a smile on her face and have her thinking bout him as she goes to sleep. Then call her in 2 days and ask her out again!