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Friday, October 26, 2007

Philly Hotties Got 'Em Scared In The Club


Every once in a while we like to profile a different type of Hottie. Laura is a professional model and a business organizer/personal assistant. She's 27 years old and......a mother of two. Certifiable Milf here. I'm curious to figure out how a single mother of two can have all these activities. I can't lie...I would never be able to be a single mother. First off, I'm not a woman, and second....I can barely control myself. I know people my age who pissed there pants multiple times this year. She's also inked up, and loves showing off her tattoos, although I'm getting the impression we may not be seeing all of them anytime soon...Listen to her explain it.

I am a 27 year old single mother with 2 absolutly beautiful little girls! I am a business organizer/Personal Assistant for Toner Fencing Company LLC. and a model. I have been modeling for the last 3 years for various companies. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with high fashion, Motorcycle Magazines, Local Night life papers and other promotions and shoots. You can find me on, Front Cover of FASTLANE BIKER magazine (October 2007), Front Cover of TheNIghtLIfeSociety Page twice, ChopperExpo Calender 2008, Got 2nd runner up in the Miss Ink America Contest, Mrs. Congeniatlity for Miss MotorSports 2007, more covers books and calenders coming up soon and next year! I adore the modeling it is my vacation from my busy life, when I get in ront of a camera I forget the world around me and I am in that moment. I am a proud parent who loves her kids with all that I am they are my life and the reason that I succeed they are what I live for! I am blunt and honest about majority of all my feelings (im a woman something I have to save for myself! 8^) ) I have a big heart and I love to smile and laugh! I find the light in all dark situations! If we can t always find the silver lining in every cloud I feel life would be miserable. I would rather be happy and enjoy what life brings my way!

Look at all the awards, and accolades. Hottie MILF! That's like winning the lottery and a pot of gold on the same day! I'm certainly impressed. Look at the answer too! this Hottie really took her time to answer it...SO READ IT!! Oh and apparently MILf is not in the Microsoft word vocabulary.

Tip of the Day
Q: How can a guy become the pursuee and not the pursuer?
I truly can tell you this is a question that I could run around in my head. Say a million answers to asking for something perfect but in truth this is what I feel is good for me! When you go up to a woman remember that she is just that a woman....if you treat a woman with repect and consideration....that will be worth more than complementing how hot she is! I am a old style woman opening up doors, sitting down after she has, standing when she gets up, waiting to dig into your food until she has taken a bite. When she talks to you don't just nod your head and pretend to hear her. Listen....and let her know that you have heard her, that means more than most men know! When you are around your buddies, let her feel that you see her, hold her hand through the crowd, treat her with respect around those closest to you and that will earn you alot with a woman! But most important is honesty, if you start with a lie you have to build on a lie, let her know who you are not what you want her to think that you are! Becasue the truth will always come out so just start with the honesty! A woman will look more toward the one who truly wants to know her and all of who she is. Someone she can feel safe but vonerable with. Knowing that what she thinks feels and says matters! To me these few things are some key things in getting the woman that you want!