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Saturday, October 6, 2007


Thanks again to this freakshow! Without guys like him, I'd have a much lower self esteem.

*******= Scintillatingly Sexy

Body: Hi ***********:

I just came across your profile and wanted to write and say hello-

So I can only see this one picture because it is set to private, but you are amazingly sexy and phenomenally breathtaking ...Wow - extremely intriguing. You definitely have me enticed. Such a sensual, sultry, seductive, and highly provocative picture.

You certainly appear to be quite the "*****" ...Anyway, if you are interested in chatting, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. I'd be looking forward to it.

All the best,


****** I have crossed out the hotties name who sent this to us for fear of this weirdo being extra weirdoish again.

Mmmmm...phenomenally breathtaking...scintillatingly spellchecked e-mails are meant to be mass emailed to everyone. It's extremely provocatively gay what this obviously not straight character wrote. I mean seriously, dude. Does this shit work? If it does, I don't even wanna be a man. I'm gonna be like Peter Pan and never grow up. Is this what a grown up does???? Well, I'll just add this kid to the growing collection of sultry, shiny toolboxes. Sultry...scintillating....get a life, you douche. GODDAMN! I seriously may be onto something with this site, because guys neeeeeed so much more help than I ever knew. I like this part of the site though, cause it makes me feel like Hugh Hefner. I'm effin smooth compared to this scintillator. Yeah I spell check my shit too playa ..... and playa is not correctly spelled!