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Monday, October 22, 2007

Local Hotties, That's A Brand Name Like Pepsi. I Stand Behind It, I Guarantee It

Brenda Lynn aka Jerzey Gem

Ohhhh Boy. This is a woman. When Jerzey walks by, straight men's jaws drop and gay men yell out weird shit like "Fierce!", and "Work it, Sister!" Me, however, my jaw drops, my palms sweat and I mutter things like "whooooa" Not too attractive. You can see Jerzey in the new Jay Z and Pharell video, "Blue Magic", riding in the red Bentley with Pharell. This hottie is a type of sexy that you don't run into everyday. I mean package. You can check out Jerzey's website, for more pictures and daily updates of her. Trust me, it's definitely worth a look. I can't get over the body. It's heaven sent. C'mon...Jay Z gave her the thumbs up, and he's got Beyonce! Brenda is a professional model, who's been seen in many magazines, and photo spreads. She's recently been a cover model for Show magazine, and is featured in MMA magazine. I need to find me a hottie like this. Where do you go about doing that? The club, or do I just walk the streets in hopes of finding a random photoshoot going down? I'm stumped. I love Latina women. This girl can head out to the club and EASILY be the hottest woman in there. I think Jerzey is what I consider "problem hot". Meaning she's so hot, that when you go out with her, there's really gonna be a problem with men and women staring. So you better always bring your A-game with you.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy become the persuee instead of the persuer?

A: How can a guy become the pursuee instead of the persuer? A man sometimes can forget the small details that can set them apart. Being less aggressive is always more. A glance and smile instead of a stare...makes us wonder...Wondering is good..All in all women are the predators just sit and tease..she will come..:)