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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Ain't Never Ran From A Hottie, And I Damn Sure Ain't About To Pick Today To Start Running

Kara Allison

I was always taught to never trust a guy with two first names. Like Billy Bob, or Ray Allen. I'm going to assume that the same logic doesn't apply to this hottie. She looks trustworthy. She has an innocent bring her home to the parents innocent, and watch her impress the family. Oh, did I mention Kara's a Hooters girl? Take a minute and let that sink in. Ok, good? Great! Sullivan...this one's for you. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and she knows how to use those eyes. Really, just look at the pics. Her eyes reveal almost as much as that shirt. Just a mild observation. Not only is Kara a modern Beauty, but she's a braniac as well. Very smart, and very intuitive. If you don;t know what intuitive means, look it up. I'm apparently not intuitive and I'm not a hundred percent sure I know what it means. Fumbles, does this hottie beat Lo from the Hills? I'd rather not do this hottie any injustice. Kara Allison....get down with yo' bad self....word.

My name is Kara and I'm from the King of Prussia area. I just recently turned 21 years old so I'm legally allowed out and causing trouble. I've been dancing since the age of 5 and attended college for awhile in NYC as a dance major. I'm now trying to make it in the big world of dance! I do everything from jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, modern, salsa... you name it I do it! Hopefully you will see me dancing behind Justin Timberlake one day in his music video but for now you can see me at the local bar being a dance floor whore. I dream big and have many to strive for. Art is also a passion of mine. I love going out in old city or Manayunk or I'm just as content staying home and watching a movie or curling up with a good book. I'm a hooters girl at day and dance teacher at night. I absolutely love sports and support my Philadelphia teams 100%. I'm ALWAYS smiling and love to laugh. Keep an open mind and don't take anything for granted. I am a strong person but sometimes shy when first meeting you. After that, watch out! You scared? You suicidal?...Only in the morning. Spending money is not a hard task for me. Genuine people stand out. I love my friends and they love me for who I am, I always take it one step too far! Quality of friends is more important than quantity. Hopefully moving to NYC or LA?? in the near future. I try and live by 'I would rather take a chance than wonder what could have been.'

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy become the pursuee and not the pursuer???

A: Guys, this always keeps my attention. If you are out at a bar or club and you see a cute girl... don't just stand there and look at her, go up and make conversation! Although, please refrain from cheesy pick up lines and asking for her number right away, just ask if you can buy her another drink. I don't like when a guy is intimidated, confidence is key! After that, start some kind of convo that includes asking her a little about herself, hold back on the private questions if I just met you, that will turn me off because you obv don't know your boundaries. Tell me something about yourself that includes a unique goal or hobby, something I will want to know more about and throw a joke in there somewhere so I know you have a personality and a sense of humor. Keep the convo short and sweet and then go out on the dance floor and show me you know how to have a good time... most likely I will follow because I want to know more!
Fellas, you're oh so welcome. We've outdone ourselves again. We rule. Thanks again Kara!