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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

36-26-36.....Haha..Only If She's A Hottie


Ok, no Barry Manilow comments today (OH MANDY...look it up). I'm sure Aman-DUH wouldn't really appreciate it. Or she's heard it before. This hotties just plain hot. I mean...blond hair with red and purple extensions. That's hot, Paris. I think she's a bit of a whippersnapper too, as my grandfather would say. This girl sounds like she can hang with the hottest of the hotties, AND talk shit with the best of the fellas. That's a wonderful combination. Anyway, I'm gonna let this hottie speak for herself. She makes it sound more interesting than me, and I actually gotta work today, so heeeeeeeeeeere's Amanda.

im 5'9 blonde hair with redish/purple highlights blue eyes 36-26-36 .. i am a hooters girl at the trump marina down atlantic city. i go to school full time majoring in communications, i want to be a sports broadcaster. i also model in my spare time. i love love love all Philadelphia teams. i love sports in general. i love going out to the the city with my favs (best friends). i love bar hopping in the city & going to all the clubs. i am extremely talkative and bubbly. i love meeting new people. i live the sweet life. i have the most amazing family, most craziest friends, and the best job a girl could have. what more can i ask for?

Tip of the Day
Q: What body type do you prefer on guys?
A: My guy body type....would have to be built, jacked, diesel, strong enough to handle me ;)

I think I'm up for the challenge. I may not look like much, Amanda, but I've been drinking milk.