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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hottie... Don't Call It a Comeback!


I'm going to change it up a little today...let the girl speak, then give a little blurb after her's. Check it.
"I'm Mary, 23 years old, and currently live in Philadelphia after getting my BA in psychologgy from The George Washington University. Worked in psychopharmilogical research at UPenn for about a year and switched career paths. Currently, I work as a promoter in nightlife, model (runway and print), writer (working on my first book, but not first publication!), do PR work for local clothing designers and a NYC jewelry designer, as well as other freelance PR expanding to photography and small businesses. I recently was the Director of Style, stylist, assistant make-up and hair stylist, and assistant casting director for a music video shot in PHILADELPHIA!!
I love reading, writing, spending time with my little dog, Mischa, traveling (when I have time!), and outdoor athletic activities. I love to talk, but am also a great listener, even better at arguing (debate style, not fighting). I see nothing in my future but potential and opportunities to learn more from other people and my own experiences!"
This hottie obviously likes to get her hand in many things...take that as you will dirtbag, but Mya has obviously got a head on her shoulders. So, shape up or ship out son. Can you keep up? I didn't think so. It'd be good to even know her for the networking aspect of it. I can't even pronounce one of the words that she used in her description....looks like I don't have a shot either.

Tip of the Day

Q: What should a guy do after a good first date to not be portrayed as "clingy" or "uninterested"

A. Neither. On a good first date a man is most appealing if he is interested in both me and what I have to say and also provides interesting conversation about himself. Asks questions, answers questions, and is appropriate with questions...nothing about income or sex (especially is he is going to get any that night) or anything else too personal to be asked on a first date.
If he acts uninterested then why would I want to go out with him again? No need to be playing hard to get, it is childish. And if he is clingy then that is a red flag of the future of a possible overprotective, jealous type. The middle ground is where the best men are found. Polite, sincere, interested and interesting.

So, make sure you:
1) talk about yourself
2) listen only if interested
3) speak solely about sex
4) BE CLINGY!!!!
Haha...good luck sucka.


Anonymous said...

Hooray Mary!
Jen G

Anonymous said...

finally a woman who knows her worth and is grounded, but still sexy. and she's not perfect either, that word you can't pronounce is mispelled, tsk tsk.