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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm A Local Hottie And My Eyes Are Green, I Wear More Gold Than The Man On A-Team


Philly girls are back! ROAR! This is Pasqualina. 25 year old hotttie (with an extra t) hailing from Doylestown, Pa. Oh, they done growed em so good out here in the burbs, Jed. Seriously, it must be something in the water cause the girls out here have got it all. This hotties a dental assistant on her way to dental hygiene she can handle an expensive tool ..OH! She loves to make people laugh, so at least when she's laughing along with you, you'll know she'll always have a hot smile. And I don't think that booty's gonna change anytime soon! According to P (thats my new nickname for her, cause I can't correctly type her full name), what makes her unique is her VOLUPTUOUS booty. She'll put her family and friends first, so loyalty's a big plus on this hottie. I'm sorry, you wanted to hear more about the booty? I am in love with this girls butt. It's effin unreal. It's got all the good butt qualities! It's smackable, grab-able, biteable(?) and lovable. So... beautiful face, she's funny and the butt. J-Lo better watch her back(side) cause P ain't far behind. There was supposed to be a pun in there, but it got lost in translation. P can also party like a rockstar on Friday, then sit in and watch movies all day Saturday. Versatility is a must for a hottie. Dress her up or down, this girl still looks hawt! I'm guessing she's Italian so she can probably cook up some shit you can pronounce. PIZON!! If I could build a hottie from scratch, I think this is what the end product would be. Booty!!!....sorry. I can't get over that thing. I need to go scour the Bucks County bars and find this hottie ASAP. See ya tomorrow. If I have a massive hangover, I probably didn't find her, or I did but don't remember or didn't have the yams to say hello. Either way...if I have red eyes...leave me alone.

Tip of the Day

Q: What type of body do you prefer on guys?

A: I prefer at least 6foot-6' -whatever. Love them tall. Dark hair and light eyes. Love a flawless body but lets be real it isnt going to be like that forever. So I dont mind a little something to grab onto. Great personality and can make me laugh.

Ok ok...I'm like 3 for 4 here. We can go 4 for 4, Pasqualina, if you decide that a flaw-FULL body is acceptable. Very many flaws. not much of an upside....and I'm poor. Shit...forget I said anything. Although, I'm suddenly psyched about the upcoming Sixers season.