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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bo Knows That Hotties Did It... Cash, Jewelry and Homes, Yeah Hotties Did It


Fumbles.....This is a hottie. I want no complaints out of you. RJ is a 22 year old hottie who recently graduated from West Chester with a degree in communications. You can find her partying the weekend away in the city, but suring the week she's a corporate meeting planner. I don;t know what that is either , but I'm sure she looks hot doing it. Ok, so so far RJ's writ eup sounds very blah blah and very ordinary...then BAM! I'm going to mention here that this hottie is the hottest female athlete in the world. Behind only MAYBE Heather Mitts. RJ is a semi-pro beach volleyball player. She's considered the Anna Kournika of Volleyball....ehhhhh. Anna's kinda beat up lookin anymore, plus she's with Enrique Iglesias so I'm sure I've got no shot. Can we go with Maria Sharapova....or why not just the Heather Mitts of volleyball. Whatever, I'm proposing. I'm sending thtis to sports illustrated and the four letter network....because I seriously think we found the next great talent. The talent's evident here, but can she play volleyball is the question? I'm sure she holds her own. She can hold mine...(shakes head in disbelief that I said that). RJ, the rock I give you won't be as big as Diddy's, (who RJ's partied with) but its filled with hope. Hope is all you have when you don't have cash, homey. Or at least I 'd try to convince her of that. Seriously, go try to spend hope. It sucks.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats the maximum age difference you feel is appropriate when dating a Hottie?

A: I don't think there should be a set cut off age - I think if I meet a guy, (younger or older), as long as we have the same maturity level and a steamy chemistry going I don't see how 5-10-15 years should hold you back from being happy and having fun.

Gratuitous bikini shot. Thats her in action. Yeah....she's good.


Anonymous said...

haha damn. rachael i didnt know you were that fuckin desperate!!!! Stop trying to be a fuckin model, like 50%of all west chester girls

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to him your nice looking! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

You'd look hot with some tits

kro1601 said...

Whoever posted this comment "You'd look hot with some tits" is a douche bag. babe u r hot, big tits small tits whatever. ur still hot in my book