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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thw One Thing I Wish...I Wish A Hottie Would.

Kombat Barbie

Holy Shit..Holy Shit .... Hoooooooooooly Shit! I'm not really allowed to curse on this site...but Holy Shit. I'll break the rules on this one. Kombat Barbie owns a tanning salon and lives in Philly. I guess they can take that ugliest city poll and shove it up their most likely ugly asses. Hot people don't create shit that judges how hot other people are. They win that shit. I should know...I have a website that judges hot people. Do the math, Einstein. I've done my share to show this city has beautiful people inside and out. We're doing a goddamn service here. how many guys are shy and don't hit on the hot girl? Guess don't know the number because you can't count people who don't hit on you. Right now there's some guy sitting in his cubicle/mom's basement...reading this....taking notes. He's setting out to be a bolder, better person. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but maybe we can help some people. Maybe we asked a girl to be hottie of the day when she was having a rough day....maybe we lifted her spirits for ten minutes. I've learned something from this site....every one percieves beauty differently. Some people find Kombat Barbie hot...well...most people. Other people find that nerdy looking girl in the library hot. Either way...the advice these women give out is the real key. It's an inside advantage to picking them up. Not everyone gets this kind of inside info. I've turned women down from being on this site, because I didn't feel their answer was genuine enough. Travel and Leisure can shove their thumbs up their asses all day and say we're ugly. I've got about 130 women who prove otherwise. So screw you, Travel & Leisure. I may not be the "prettiest" person in the country, but I've got what everyone in this city is born with....pride and passion. It's a passion to love our city, love our sports teams...passion to stand up and yell... "EVERYBODY HITS!! WOOOOOHOOO" without worrying about looking retarded. Ever go to Buffalo and find someone who says..."Oh shit, I'm so happy I left Philly." Probably not. They probably opened a bar that represents Philadelphia. I'm proud to be a Philadelphian, and I'm proud to announce to the world that we are overflowing with beautiful women. And I'm proud that we'll tell you how it is, no sugarcoating it. Maybe I should calm down and just be happy that we finally won something....I need a cheesesteak and a Lager. Eff you, Travel and Leisure. I've got your vote right here. So thank you Kombat Barbie, for combatting the negative image of this city. Apparently, they didn't get her vote for their little poll.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy become the pursuee and not the pursuer?

A: if you want to win a girls heart, you have to make her laugh. Girls want a guy that will make them smile. Its not who has the most money, or the nicest things, its someone who they can call their best friend in the end. Someone they can feel comfortable around and be able to talk about anything. Someone she can be herself with. Always tell her she is beautiful, and always make her feel special, and treat her like the princess that she... remember money can't buy love, but if you give a girl your heart, you may just get hers in return...i kno that soudss cheesy lol but i am more of a romantic lol

Kombat Barbie...thanks so much for your help today. This woman really is gorgeous...and she busts her ass to look this beautiful. She's alocal lingerie and commercial model. She's also been in a movie. A serioous business sense all wrapped up in a package like this. Lovely.


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