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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Only Got Fo' Minutes To Save The World


The Phils are 2 - 0 in July!!! Check out later today for some hot Phils news! Today we've got the lovely Carol....this hottie was born and raised in Philly. Check this out...Carol is a fitness model. Fitness and hotness kinda go hand in hand, huh?

To keep herself in shape Carol has been a personal trainer and also a group exercise instructor. Exercise is the hardest word ever to spell. It took me three goddamn tries, and I still may be wrong. Check out the stems on Blondie. Carol's got legs to die for.... but she's not just a pretty face and hot set of ridiculously hot legs, though....check out the alphabet soup of degrees she's got: BFA in Dance (The University of the Arts), MS arts Administration, and MBA in Marketing (Drexel University) . I don't know what half those letters stand for, but I know it means she works hard. And when Carol's not working hard you can find her on the beach...cold chillin. She's also currently single, fellas....and approach with caution, and bring your A game.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all us Philly guys?

A: Men today rarely chase after girls. Instead they wait for the girls to chase them. I believe if a man likes a women he should make the first move. After that he should court her and prove how much he truly cares. Lately, the men I have dated lack being romantic or chivalry. I look for both those things especially in the beginning. I will stop dating a guy if he is cocky or cheap. These are two of my main pet peeves.


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