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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stacey's Mom Has Got It Goin' On


Did anybody watch ALL of that All Star game last night?? It ended at 1:37 am. Ri-goddamn-diculous. But I watched the whooole thing because I wanted to see Lidge pitch. And I was hoping to catch another classic Utley soundbyte. Anyhowser, let's discuss today's hot, hot, hottie. We've got the MILF of the week. Lee is the definition of it. I don't know if she wants to be called that, but she is...she is a hot mom. It's the whole blonde hair, full lips, long slender frame thing that she's got workin for her. I'd like to tell more, but let's allow Lee to divulge all her little secrets first....

I'm 33 and from Easton. I'm a single mom of a 5 year-old daughter (who looks like a mini me), I work full-time as a medical billing administrator and a part-time professional model, I'm now back to college for a degree in psychology, I'm a certified scuba diver, love traveling and going out to the clubs and letting my hair down with my friends.
Ok, I have to get it out of the way, and I apologize Lee, but since she's a scuba diving long do you think she can hold her breath underwater? (Use your imagination, children. You'll get it) It also seems that a lot of hotties really enjoy traveling, which cuts me out, cause I'm broke, but you may be able to afford a trip for two to a remote tropical island. So if your dating a hottie, odds are you'll soon be splurging for an all inclusive vacation. Use your time wisely. Lee's also a single mom, which as I've said before, you've gotta respect. There's no jokes on that one. Im friends with a few and I see how hard they work day in and day out to provide for their young ones. Lee also helps reinforce my theory that hot women are like wolves...they travel in packs. She's got hot friends, so if you see them at the them a drink. Then hopefuly they start dancin, and you get to see those legs in action....

Tip of the Day

Q: So, Lee, what's your best piece of dating advice for a single guy in Philly?
A: Well, here's a few hints... When you're talking to a girl, look at her! In the face!!! There's plenty of time to check out her body later! Lol! But when you're talking to her and looking right at her, it makes her feel like she's got your full attention and conveys that you're truely interested in her - not what might happen later in bed. We already know those thoughts have crossed your mind; they've crossed ours too! Also, when you're talking, speak normally and respectfully - not like you're from the hood, or like you're better than everyone else. A guy that speaks intelligently and has manners is a great turn on!!!