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Friday, July 11, 2008

You Can Call Me Miss Jenn If Your Nasty

Miss Jenn

Girls next door are my absolute kryptonite. There's nothing hotter to me than a above average looking girl who's got a personality that blows me away. This girl here is obviously a hottie who looks like she could live right down the street from you. And the best part is, if your from Lansdale, maybe she does. This 24 year old hottie recently graduated from Temple-Ambler with a degree in psychology, and plans on pursuing a career in clinical psychology. So if you wanna meet this hottie, go nuts! The only thing I hate about psychology majors is that I feel like their always analyzing "oh, he's trying to hard, his flys down, he cant tie his shoes. I think he's got a mild case of retardation" Most of this is true, but it's something I can disguise very well. But you don't wanna hear me babble...Let's here it from Miss Jenn's mouth...

i just graduated with my bachelor's degree is psychology. i would really like to pursue my master's and eventually maybe even a doctorate. i am one of those freaks that actually likes school. outside of that, i love just going out with friends and letting loose. sometimes this is a night of drinking and dancing where i love being center stage. other nights, i am cool with just being home and playing video games or going to the local diner.

i can fit in great with the guys or with the girls. i'm a little bit of a social chameleon. i differ from most girls in that i really hate talking on the phone. if the conversation goes over 5 minutes i start to get antsy, haha.

Phone talking is the wooooooorst. My friends don't get it...just get to the point, and let's go. I hear ya, Jenn. I wonder if she goes dancing at the Montana's a country bar out in that Lansdale area. If you've never gone, you must go ....sometimes they even have the mechanical bull. WHOA!!!.. I missed one line..she likes to play video games....awesome. She just scored extra points. Whether it be Wii or PS3, I love my video games.....Think she plays Madden and goes all crazy switching playbooks, talking shit, and calling audibles when she sees your defense?? If she can do that, I'm buying a ring today.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice, Miss Jenn?

A: my best advice for the single guys out there is to just be honest and be yourself from day one. it's so rare that a girl can find someone that just says what he really wants and really thinks. i've been mislead so many times by guys who weren't sure what kind of relationship they wanted or who thought they had to be someone they weren't to impress me. i appreciate a gentleman this is true, but i have to point out that i am a beer and cheese fry fiend. most guys would never guess that looking at me. i don't always require the very best or a front. i am just a chill girl that wants to find the right guy. make it a little easier on me!!


broten said...

Yes, Miss Jenn, not nasty, but you are in control. too hott. but that is a good thing. it is your world !