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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's A Tune About This Honey Named Joanne That I Met One Day


Wow. Simply Wow. This 24 year old Hottie lives in Manayunk, and you may have even seen her Guest Bartending at Grape Street. Don't remember? Then you didn't see her, cause this is one hottie you're sure to never forget. This is the type of hottie you go to talk to and just go speechless. Mumbles McGee comes out and all you can say is, "Hi...Rob. Bye" Then you tell your friends all night how you at least talked to the hottest girl in the place...what did they do? This hottie loves to travel, including Vegas, where one of her best friends lives. Correction, one of her gorgeous Philly Transplant best friends lives. Soooo we've got that in common (we both like to let the world know that Philly creates some of the hottest girls in the world). We just have different methods. She also enjoys a quiet dinner or a movie. I've figured out that oddly enough all skinny in shape women looove to eat at nice, new restaurants. So google your town and figure out the secret little hotspots in your area so you can impress these ladies with your vast culinary knowledge. That means you'd know a lot about food. Joanne also enjoys a good movie or a night out with the girls. This clan looks like they are seriously a lot of fun, with Joanne right there in the middle of all the debauchery. When she's not traveling or hanging in, she goes to cosmetology school at Jean Madeline, where she's learning to make the world a prettier place. Gorgeous, fun, and loves a good meal...what more do you want in a hottie?

Tip of the Day

Q: Joanne, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those guys out there?
A: best advice would be to not be afraid to be yourself...girls like a guy with confidence..dont be afraid to approach a girl..if u get denied move on to the next..there are plenty of girls out there!

Be Yourself...I'd love to follow that advice, but I'm afraid my actual self sucks, and isn't interesting. Screwed again.


J Mac said...

Joanne deserves 5-stars

Ricky Awesome said...

this chick is totally hot! 5 STARS!!