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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Big Thangs Poppin' Little Hotties Droppin

Melissa Dana

Today's hottie comes to us from beautiful Yardley. She cuts hair right up the road from me, and once again...I had no effin idea. I swear I'm not retarded, I just don't ever see these girls around. She looooves to party and hang out with her friends (who are ALSO hot). If you happen to be a Kenny's on a Thursday, keep an eye out. You just might find her. I wouldn't be able to find her, but you probably will (unless you are in fact, retarded). She also goes to school for cosmetology, and is a hot hairdresser. I'm pretty sure she can talk your ear off, and she says she's open with her sexuality, but watch your step, fool. There's more of a chance of her putting you in your place, than you going back to her place. I like this one. I think she's got a lot of spunk. Some personality. There's never a dull moment around her. I think she could entertain you for hours on end. Hot and fun! Wooohooo

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy stay out of the friends zone??

A: I am going to rephrase the question to what not do if you want to be with me. first off...dont think that just because i am giving you my attention it means i want to go home with you becausee i dont. i am very very social and i love to meet new or women and guys get the wrong impression because i am so open about my sexuality and i am so personable. so to stay out of the friends zone, dont be fake to me..i want an honest trustworthy man who wont go and flirt with other girls to get my attention. he needs to have a good head on his shoulder and be ready to make me his top priority!