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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LOCAL PHILLY HOTTIES..Come On And Stand Up, Take Your Shirt Off, Wave It Round Ur Head Like A Helicopter


OH BOY! As a guy, I've realized that we have very simple needs and wants. For example, I want a tub full of hundreds, a tub full of women, and a tub full of beer. I NEED 3 things: Sports, Hot Chicks, and Hot Wings. Now imagine how I felt when I was 12, and I found out that I can get my three simple needs all in one place. Cassy works at my heaven. She's a good ol' Hooters girl. hehe. But let's not allow that to define her. Cassy's a student, lives in Manayunk, and is also a Miller Lite girl. Yezzir! She also looooves to party. Something I think most of our Hottie's have in common (we'll at least no one's told us they were in AA...but that would really defeat the point). I love this Hottie's smile, and her eyes. Yes, really her eyes, mental midgets. Her Hooters shirt looks delicious too. When this Hottie's not busy working you can catch her chillin with her friends, taking pictures (oh my gutter mind!), and dancing. Oh, Cassy, shake it like polaroid picture! And she likes to eat Hooters wings of course. I'll be frequenting there now. The Hooters around my house should be caled Jubblies, cause there all kneeknockers. (PS. Thats not a good thing) Just don't ask this hottie for directions.....she sucks at geography. As long as she can tell me what town her Hooters is in, she's fine by me!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the best way to win a hotties heart?

A: To answer your question... Make me laugh and you will have my heart. I like guys that can teach me new things and be a little protective without making me feel like they're trying to be my Dad!